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Live streaming Day 1 of CeBIT Conference, Big Ideas in Business Technology

Big Ideas in Business Technology - Live streaming Day 1

The CeBIT Conference is the largest technology conference held in Australia each year. It runs for 3 days with the best and brightest minds in Technology asked to speak. For the first time this year Coffs Harbour can participate using live streaming of the speakers. To find out more and to get the full program go to


  • Plenary Session 1: 0945 - 1045:  The Future is being written in lines of code. Kathryn Parsons Co-founder & Co-CEO of Decoded. - Kathryn will talk about staying ahead in a future digital economy by understanding the languages of technology: code, data, cyber security, machine learning and lean methodologies.
  • Plenary Session 2: 1610-1650: The Cognitive Era A1 (Accessible Intelligence) Comes of Age Bernard S Myerson Chief Innovation Officer IBM
  • Plenary Session 3: 1650 - 1730: Platform Strategy – the changing structure of value creation. Ross Dawson Chairman, Advanced Human Technologies Group.

 Registration may be for 1 session or multiple.

Cost $10 to attend one or  all sessions. If you come for the morning session, you may care to stay on and do some co-working in the 6Degrees at the Innovation Centre space.

Light refreshments provided

To book, go to:

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